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Garage door opener troubleshooting?
I hope someone can help me.
I have a Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener that simply stopped working. I opened my garage door and when it came time to close it, all I could hear when pressing the remote control was a click click sound and nothing moved.
Do I need to replace the whole thing?

I bought the house in 1998 and the garage door was already installed (I don’t have the instruction manual to help me with troubleshooting).

Thanks for all the help anyone can give me.

Posted Tommy

Admin: If the opener makes 10 clicking sounds when you try to close the door, then the source of the problem is your safety sensors. The infrared “photo eyes” are located on each side of the doorway, about 6 inches above the ground. Each sensor should have a small LED indicator light. For your opener, one light will be yellow/amber (the “transmitting sensor”) and the other should be green. The yellow light should be on all the time, as long as it is receiving power. The green light will turn on when it is receiving power, and when it can “see” the signal sent out from the other side. If the yellow light is on, but the green light is out, reposition the green lighted sensor until the green light comes on steady. If the yellow and green lights are both out, then check the wires leading to both sensors for a break or short. You can’t always see the break, so you may need to replace the wires anyway to be sure.

If the opener only makes two clicks, but nothing else happens (no movement of the door, no motor noise, etc), then check the small indicator LED on the overhead unit near the red “Smart” button. The LED is likely flashing 5 times, pausing, and flashing 5 times again. If so, your opener took a power surge/lightning strike that knocked out the circuit board. Replacement of the board (extremely easy to do, but must be ordered through Sears) is your only option.


Garage door opener troubleshooting?
I just reprogrammed new remote opener yesterday ( and it works) – i got up this morning and when i tried to open the garage it is only opening about 18″….? what the hey ?! the cables are still hooked on both sides and the chain has tension and the bar still in tact. Like I said it only opens about 18″…

Posted Rudy

Admin: Either one of the wheels in the track is binding or the sensitivity is set too high. If it was operating properly before it’s probably one of the wheels. The best thing to do is first get someone to help you. Release the latch that attaches the door to the chain or screw that moves the door and check it manually. Have someone slowly open and close it while you inspect the wheels on each side. If one is bad ( it could just be loose ) it should be apparent. If you find one or more is binding, you can purchase replacements at your local home center. Best to remove one and take it with you. If you don’t find the problem Google the specific make and model of your unit and you should be able to download a PDF for your opener. It will have a trouble shooting guide to assist you or contact us.