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Garage door replacement panel question : is it worth the money to replace a single broken garage door panel?
I just find it difficult to find the exact model of the garage door panel of my garage door. When we moved in to the house, the garage door was already installed so i really had no choice but to keep up with it. However, in the recent months, i start to see rusting and damage on one of the panels and it makes the whole garage door look ugly… is it worth the money and effort to replace that one broken panel? or should i just order a new garage door installation?

Posted by Rod

Admin: Well, if you ask me if it is worth it, then i have to ask you in return… what is your garage door worth to you? If you feel like your garage door has some value in it that justifies you looking for the exact panel to replace your broken one, then i must say by all means go for it. First thing you must try is to ask the previous owner of the house what the model / manufacturer of your garage door is. If you can secure the exact model and manufacturer, finding a replacement is surely easier. If you cannot find the previous owner and you cannot see the model / manufacturer by inspecting on your own, then you have two options:

1. Buy a whole new garage door .
2. Have an expert technician create you an exact garage door replacement panel to fit the broken one .


I am trying to make a garage door status panel with 3 lights, UP-DOWN-MOVING.?
I am using two SPDT micro-switches to establish up and down ,I am stumped as to how to establish when the door is moving. I’m running 28vdc and using the switches to provide ground to the lights. Any Help?

Posted Cey

Admin: Or a dpdt relay that turns on a light when no contact is made from either switch. once contact is made via no or nc side of the switch you can isolate 1 light at a time..

Also why the moving light Who cares you can hear it normally….. for a foolproof up or down indicator use leds and a mercury switch attached to the door. down would light one light because the switch would be mounted in the “wall” position and when the switch was hanging from the “ceiling ” the door reads open on the light panel……