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Garage Door Springs

Questions and Answers

Extension Spring Broke on My Garage Door?
I have a garage door One piece wooden, up and over, with two large springs on each side. One of the extension springs broke. I see you can buy extension springs at home depot. Is this a job I can do myself and replace with a new spring? Is it difficult? I read lots of answers that talk about the other kind of garage door with the spring in the middle being dangerous but what about replacing a spring on the side. If I have to call in a repair person to do the job what can I expect to pay?

Posted by Ted

Admin: These are very dangerous if you don’t know what your doing. If you replace it yourself get someone to help you and be careful. make sure your door is down and all the tension is off the spring, make sure all your connections are tight. Make sure your safety cable is in place before you try it.
I’ve seen those springs just about go through a roof when they break loose, they can kill you.


Is it possible to convert an existing garage door from extension springs to torsion spring?
I have a garage door (extension springs) that I want to put a garage door opener on. The main beam for the house only gives me a few inches of clearance from the top of the garage door to the beam, when opened. And the beam comes down so far that I can’t install a standard garage door track. I know there are side mount garage door openers but will they work with an extension spring setup or will I (can I) need to convert to torsion spring setup.

Posted Harry

Admin: The new side-mount openers (modified jackshaft) seem to work well but are expensive. And yes, you will need torsion springs. But if the rears of the horizontal tracks can be lowered you might get a regular opener in. Two inches to start is a lot of room. Even if quick turn brackets are used it will be lots less expensive than torsion springs. Stay away from all the center mounted openers (Wayne Dalton) that turn the torsion tube. I hear nothing but nasty things about them. On the good side, with torsion the door works better and you eliminate the old and maybe soon to break stretch springs. And a standard door opener might have to be cut, so the door would not open completely. Just a few extra things. Do not get the weight of the door directly from the extension springs. Weigh the door itself if you are not absolutely sure. I think now I understand from your question that you mean horizontal clearance from the door top to the beam. And if you change the springs change the cables too. Cheap insurance. If all else fails you might go with a new door with a 9″ radius. (the curve in the track) Yours’ is probably a 12″ but 9″ might get you under the beam. Follow the link below.
Thanks for your input.