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Are Garage Door Opener Van Nuys Repairs Costly?

Everyone knows that garage door repairs are going to cost them money, but how much money is the question. Garage door opener Van Nuys repairs might cost you less than you were thinking. It really just depends on what you think would be an expensive repair. Personally, I would have thought that repairs in general for a garage door could easily exceed 1,000 dollars, but I was wrong.

You ‘could’ have to pay that much for a repair, but the majority of the time, you’re going to find out it’s going to cost you much less. You can even buy new garage door kits to install yourself for much less than you might be thinking you’d have to pay.

When looking at a chart for the average garage door opener Van Nuys repair cost, I found that it was less than 200 dollars. In fact, the average total repair bill was 196 dollars. That sounds pretty cheap to me!

Have you ever had to pay for a garage door repair before? Perhaps you know a little bit about them and would like to look up the tips for making the repair yourself. They are out there, but just be careful so you don’t cause further damage to the door or harm yourself for that matter.

It could be that you find out there is not only a problem with the opener, but that another part needs to be repaired or replaced as well. If that is the case, take a deep breath and ask for a quote. The professional technician that comes to your home will tell you what it’s going to cost you, and that bill is still likely to be well under a grand. Garage doors might be quite big, but they are easily fixed.

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Can my garage door opener be fixed or does it need replacement?
I have a Craftsman garage door opener replacement (model 139.53637SRT – 1/2 HP) that stopped working. It sounds like the motor runs, but the chain and trolley do not move at all, even if I pull the emergency release handle and disconnect the door from the trolley. I’m wondering if there is something that needs to be repaired/replaced inside the unit or if I need a whole new garage door opener? I’m not that familiar with them, so any advice would be helpful. I have an old, heavy, wooden 2 car garage door if that makes any difference.

Posted Ace

Admin: If the motor runs when you activate the opener, the opener is doing its job. Your problem is going to lie in the door mechanism itself. The first thing i would check is the sensors on either side of the door to make sure they are not obstructed by any objects or they could be dirty. Also, if these sensors have come loose and are no longer aligned to see the door, they will not allow the door to open when they activate because they think there is an obstacle in the way.


I have a garage door replacement question. Can anyone please assist?
My garage door is not working properly. Two weeks ago, it stopped working, so a repairmen came out and replaced the plastic gears inside the garage door opener. He advised me that my springs were pretty old and the weight of the wood door is what caused the plastic gears to wear down. When I was leaving for work this morning, it did the exact same thing as two weeks ago — just stopped working and made a grinding sound when I hit the button to raise the door. What needs replaced…the actual door and springs AND the garage door opener replacement? Where is the best place to purchase all of this equipment? What’s a rough estimate to replace all of these things — the actual door, the springs, and the garage door opener — if you think I need it all replaced? I am not handy when it comes to garage door problems, so any insight is MUCH appreciated. We live in Jacksonville, FL (just in case there is someone local reading this). Thank you!

Posted by Ger


He could be right about your springs being old, sometimes they can be adjusted, but let a pro do this, there is a lot of tension in those things. You don`t mention how big the door is. Wooden doors can get heavy, especially if they get wet during rain storms. Could also be that your door opener is too old or to small to do the job. Look  for a garage company that will give you a free estimate, or at least an honest answer. It might just need a spring adjustment. A few bucks now can save you getting items replaced that are fine.