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Garage Door Repair

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Garage door hinge broke off of one of the panels, any easy fix?
The hinge itself is alright but the metal is broken on spot where it was screwed onto one of the panels. It is on the right end, one of the roller hinges.

There is another hole on the hinge above the others where I could put a screw through but I would be worried about making the (I’m guessing its) aluminum on the frame of the panel even worse than it already is.

I’ve considered trying to find another suitable hinge and placing it next the the current one and my father recommended using J-B Weld to reattach the current hinge to the frame (…permanently). Comments on those ideas?

Or maybe I should just find a repair man?

Posted Om

Admin: Any of the things you’re considering might work for a while or partially, but considering the damage that can happen if a garage door comes apart in the raised position I’d suggest calling a repairman.

The good news is that unless you get all fancy the actual door doesn’t cost a whole lot – it’s the motor and the rest of it that are the big expense. The bad news is that you’re probably not going to be able to replace just one panel and have it look decent.


Garage door panel hangs down and keeps the door from closing because won’t go around the tracks?
The door will open with motor but when closing, it gets a little ways then reverses… because it hangs down at the second hinge. If I push the motor, someone else can push up at the hinge and then the door will go around the tracks because it is straight.

Posted by Nor

Admin: It sounds like your hinge may be missing the bearing/roller. On a garage door, every side hinge has a roller with a stem that protrudes through the hinge. The roller holds the door level with the track as it is rolling up and down. One hinge can’t hang down unless the roller is missing, or the hinge is broken.

Take a good look at the bad hinge. Then look at the same hinge on the other side of the door. There will be a difference. When you see the difference, it may tell you what’s wrong.

Here’s my recommendation:

1. It sounds like your door hasn’t been serviced in a while. All garage doors need service, just like cars, washing machines and air conditioners need servicing. Once a year is great, but at least every few years the bearings need oil. the fasteners need to be checked, the opener should be serviced, and the door needs a full safety inspection.

2. I never recommend that consumers do their own garage door repair. There are too many ways to get hurt. The springs are dangerous, and all of their attachments. The door is heavy and can hurt you seriously if you do the wrong thing.

3. Contact a garage door repair company in your area and have your door serviced.